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◆Founded in 1988,National Cheng Kung University is the academic center of southern Taiwan. There are many national-level research centers and laboratories on the campus. Among them, the Aerospace Science and Technology Research Center at Guiren Campus of Tainan City is the only aerospace science and technology experiment field in domestic universities.

◆In order to cooperate with the development of the national aerospace industry and achieve the purpose of equipment sharing, the National Cheng Kung University established the Aerospace Science and Technology Research Center on the basis of the original aerospace laboratory in June 1982. Its mission is to carry out prospective basic research and talent cultivation in combination with human resources on campus, and promote industrial, government, academic and research cooperation plans to develop industrial demand technology.

◆The aerospace center is a comprehensive research center, and its main equipment includes aerodynamic and fluidic experimental equipment for transonic wind tunnels, low-speed wind tunnels and general aerodynamic laboratories.
Aspirated engine combustion laboratory, solid-state combustion laboratory, and shock tube laboratory for propulsion and combustion experiment equipment. The Formosa Satellite Terrestrial Telemetry and Tracking Command Station and Flow Laboratory of the National Space Center, plus other laboratory units such as the Liquid Rocket Laboratory, the Chengda Fire Center, the Energy Center, the Ministry of the Interior Building Research Institute, and Performance Group Experiment Lab ... and other first-class research units and laboratories.